NFL Football In The Prairies, Need Tickets??? NO PROBLEM


Earlier this year there was a rumour that an NFL exhibiton game would be played in Regina's new stadium. The 8 hour drive from Calgary seemed like it could be a good guys weekend away, so yeah there was interest among us. As it turns out the NFL announced that the pre season game would be played in Winnipeg and that was just a bit to far for a weekend away from the wives/kids (in my case Chihuahua's) and we lost interest. (Plus, if i'm flying somewhere to watch an NFL game it'll be in somewhere awesome - sorry Winnipeg)

Well it seems that weren't alone in the lack of interest. 

As of this morning (August 8th) only around 8600 tickets had been sold.

I'm not knocking this, I'm actually letting you know that this is a really good opportunity to score some seats for the game, espeically if you're in the Winnipeg area as the game is August 22nd so plenty of time to make a plan and it gets better...

The Teams!

A star studded NFL extravagana as the Packers lead by QB Aaron Rodgers will take on the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders. Raiders are coached by Super Bowl winning Coach/Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden. The Raiders are also featured in this season hard knocks so you well start to know the players too. (watch episode 1 below)

The Game!

Don't let the fact that it's a preseason game as any NFL fan would know that it's the 3rd preseason game that you get the starters sometimes well into the 3rd quarter as it really is a dress rehearsal for the season.

The blue dots in the picture are the seats available. Tickets range from $94 - $440 an can be purchased here

I would have gone if  it were the Broncos.


Chris Foord