Pornhub has released their 2017 Year End Search Report

Ok, before you start on your social media opinionated soapbox rant let me get this out of the way by saying everyone takes a gander at adult content on the web. Everyone.

Nope, everyone.

Wrong again, EVERYONE.

Maybe you might understand better  #EVERYONE

Pornhub has released it's Year End Report and it's proof are in the numbers. It's Science Bitch!

The first Stat that sticks out in 2017 in the fact that more Women than ever before are watching Porn ( but 2017 was also an all time high for divorce too, hmmm unsatisfied correlation?)

Let this Kid in the hoodie and glasses tell you Ladies about it:

Pornhub's 2017 average was 81 million visitors per day which made for 29 billion visitors for the year. How many people on the planet again? Exactly, everyone ganders. 25 billion searches were performed with topics like: Fidget-Spinners and Rick & Morty porn. You Millennials are weird.

Top people searched were: Riley Reid, Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann with a combined a billion+ hits. Crazy.

By the way, I recommend checking out Lisa Ann's Book "The Life".

When it came to most web traffic the United States was #1, then United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada and France followed. I'm impressed with us here in Canada since we only have 36 million people compared to the over population of pretty much everywhere else in the World.

Just like previous years we also paused our porn viewing during pop culture tv events. Pornhub searches dropped during Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead Finale, the Super Bowl and the lame Solar Eclipse.

To see and study the entire report you can click here for Pornhub 2017 Year End Report I would have given more data but as you could imagine trying to blog about this through the IT Web Firewall at work was a pain in the ass.