Pre Order Tools New Album Here!


Now i know you heard it first with JD on the CJAY morning show that Tools' new album Fear Inoculum will be released August 30th. And I know that you heard the first single from the album this morning too. (Hell JD had it on social media before i was even awake - proof here)

So now its time pre-order your album!

I love doing this, as a fan of vinyl I sometimes pre order and then forget and a few weeks later there is a gift waiting for me. I'm sure you won't forget about this album release but wouldn't it be nice to get one of the first pressings!

Now the pre-orders do come in different packages which you can check out aswell all by simply clicking here.

Oh and if you're reading this before 8pm on August 7th, join us as we'll playing their first track from the album also called Fear Inoculum.


Chris Foord