'Rambo - Last Blood' Trailer


 Another Rambo film is coming out!

After watching the trailer below I honestly don't have a clue what its about because the trailer was all over the place with parts that included his daughter, a farm, bunkers, and explosions.

My guess is that this may have a "Commando" feel to it. (yeah the one with Arnie protecting his daughter played by Alyssa Milano)

In this film the daughter who I can't tell has a big or small part is played by Yvette Monreal who is 27.

IMBd, Yvette Monreal

Either way I know I'll watch it eventually as I like Sly but really I wanted to blog about the XFL names but JD beat me to it. (why didn't they just go with the Seattle Sh!thawks - The Seattle Dragons, Lame)

Rambo - Last Blood will be out in theatres on September 20th.