So apparently more States want to become new Provinces and join Canada?

So about a year ago when the American public were still threatening to leave their country for Canada because of politics, some not only wanted to leave but started conscious arguments of wanting their own State to become an official Province and part of Canada!

Apparently the topic started with an article in a Seattle newspaper asking the question if Washington State, Oregon and even California should join Canada because of our similarities. The similar topics of interest are environmental issues, our universal health care system and now cannabis.

Now this year added to the #Amerexit list is Hawaii and who can argue with that.

The only problem I see with those 4 States wanting to join Canada are the flight prices will go through the roof. As Canadians we all know how expensive it is to travel throughout our own country and how affordable it is to travel to the States even without deals.

To further schmooze and mingle the idea many Americans thought the tweet from our Prime Minister last month was enough for them to want to join Canada.

I'm sure there are many great reasons for some States to join Canada. Here are the top 10 from