Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer Trending #1

Not surprising that Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer is trending #1 on the planet right now. Even with Monday Night Footballs lowest rated episode this season airing lastnight, the latest Star Wars trailer had a million views in a matter of mintes online. Then after that, releasing presale tickets through limited ticket platforms and apps. By the way, the deal was for all the these ticket distributers to release tickets for the presale/prescreening AFTER the trailer was aired on Monday Night Football. Nope, as I was surfing around online and checking apps on my mobile device I just happened to check my ATOM app and noticed tickets for 3D IMAX through Landmark were on sale a full 30 mintues before the trailer broadcast. So if you were part of the 100 or so people to catch that I'll see you all up at Landmark 16 in Country Hills on Thursday December 14th. 

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