Support Lew's Movember Campaign!

Having not taken part in Movember the past few years I feel it's time to grow out the mo for a great cause this November. This is for Men's health initiatives; primarily prostate cancer and mental health. This year we have lost two giant CJAY92 artists(Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington) to we cannot argue that there is still a conversation we must keep going. 

I know many Movember skeptics. They argue 'Cmon how is this helping anyone? Where is the money going??' I have arrived at the conclusion that even if someone thinks that a Movember campaign is Probably not making a difference, not participating is Definately not making a difference. So let's at least try is what I'm saying.  

So if you are able to donate here's my "mo space"

As well, here are some other organizations I think it's important to support.

Thanks, and Happy Movember! 

Lew MacDonald