The ABC's Of Metallica - A Children's Book.....wait, what?!


Metal heads Metallica are coming out with a children's book!

The San Fran rockers wanted to get the young generation interested and the childrens book will have ryhmes and the A-B-C's of the history of the band starting with A and going through Z. According to the bands website the book will start at the Garage Days era and journey through their career with fun band facts along the way.

Now how deep or dark will Metallica go with this book?  Well we all know they have some demons and had to deal with tragedy with the loss of Bass player Cliff Burton, the bullying of Newstead, and how the band got their sh#t together through a lot of counsiling. That counsiling benefitted *new bass player Robert Trujillo as the band were very generous when he started, probably because he could beat them up...haha i'm kidding, Robert is cool as they come but who would mess with a fomer member of punk rockers Suicidal Tendencies!

So if you're a parent with some youngons, or a grandparent or even just a 'tallica collector, this book is for you.

The ABC's Of Metallica will be out November 26th and you can pre-order here!


Chris Foord

*new - Robert has been a member since 2003. 

The book is probably nothing like this video....