The Beatles Yellow Submarine back for limited release in theaters!

I happened to notice a targeted post from the Beatles Facebook page last week about the Yellow Submarine movie screening in Calgary, so I jumped at the chance and immediately bought tickets.

The movie was released on July 17th 1968 with it being the 50th Anniversary so it makes it a special event for many Beatles fans.

I'll admit, I just wanted to be able to see the film in theaters, I wasn't going because of the amazing content of the movie.

I still have no idea what the hell was going on while I watched it dance in and out of the main plot as the Beatles were trying to save Pepperland.

Apparently there is a bunch of hidden meanings in the movie, mind you the Beatles were experimenting with LSD during this time and had very little to do with the movie other than randomly calling in ideas for the film high as a damn kite.

If you want to check out Yellow Submarine it's playing for only one more night at Eau Claire Cineplex 

I watched it last night with the other 20 Beatles fans that managed to pull themselves away from the Stampede grounds.

Here is the funny part of my movie story, right after the Yellow Submarine was finished the Beatles previous movie A Hard Days Night was shown so I bought tickets and only 3 of us watched it and proudly represented Calgary.

A Hard Days Night was actually really fun to watch in theaters, I highly recommend checking it out especially if you're a Beatles fan.

The movie is also in limited release and only a few showtimes available at Eau Claire Cineplex