The Nun takes top spot at the box office!

I thought Summer Blockbuster season was over, but apparently it's not with The Nun bringing in a 131 million top spot at the box office this past weekend.

I watched the movie in Imax and it was a fun watch, and yes people jumped in most scenes followed by nervous laughter.

The Nun actress Bonnie Aarons:

The Nun is the 5th film in The Conjuring Universe Series (yes they are all connected) with the 2 Conjuring and Annabelle films each detailing real life occurrences.

There are already works for a 3rd Annabelle film which will apparently be a sequel to The Conjuring films. 

The rumour is that Annabelle will affect the other haunted items in the artifact room.

Check out this great video produced by IGN explaining all 5 Conjuring Universe films in chronological order: