THREE major astronomical events are happening tonight!

Tonight is going to be UNREAL. Three different space events are going down and they are all worth checking out. Here's what's happening:


Snow Moon

 - AKA February's full moon. This thing is going to be pretty massive as soon as it rises.


Lunar Eclipse

 - Technically, it's a "penumbral" eclipse, so it won't be as intense as a regular lunar eclipse, but you will notice a dimming of the moon. 


New Year Comet

 - This is the big one. It's technical name is Comet 45P and it's going to be the closest to earth that it's been since 2011, and won't get as close or visible again until 2022. Some scientists are speculating that it'll hit earth this year as well....You're gonna want to be looking for this bad boy at midnight and you're going to want to look for the constellation Hercules.



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