Long Time Running airs tonight on CTV. It's an incredibly powerful document of a heartfelt piece of Canadian history. Here are some tips for your viewing.

- Make sure you are PVR'ing it, you WILL want to watch it over and over.

- Go ahead and delete 'Phelps Vs. Shark' and 'Simpsons' reruns off your library to ensure your Long Time Running recording does not get overwritten. 

- Go out and buy a 75" LCD Ultra High Definition TV...although you could watch this doc on a smudgy ipad and still be brought to tears.

- Sound...Turn your sound all the way up! The performances in this documentary are electric so immerse yourself in the "S..s..sss..ssound" (as Gord would say). This may be a good time to finally untangle those surround sound cords and finally learn how to hook it up.

- Watch in reflective solitude or with close friends and family, force your kids to watch- educate them!

- And finally if you are able to, make a donation to one of these two organizations &