Today In History, White Stripes Set Record for Quickest Concert


The summer of 2007 was an exciting year for White Stripe fans across Canada. The band of Jack White and Meg White and their entourage set across Canada and vowed to play every Province and Territory. Something no other band or artist had done on one tour before, not even Trooper!

Along the way the White Stripes would show up at various and non announced places and play a quick set in a pub or in a studio like in Calgary or shoot off a canon on Citadel Hill in Halifax. As they did this  they gathered quite the following as they proceeded east from the west coast. 

By the time they were east, people were driving all over their said city listening to the radio and looking out for any secret gig or appearance they may be at and believe me we did. I was living in Halifax and my friend and I were all over the place listening to radio stations, texting each other updates  to actually encountering their enterage; They drove the other way, doh! We did manage to see the canon get shot from Jack and Meg which you can see in the DVD "Under The Great White Northern Lights."

Looking back it was pretty cool, the concert they put on a the Cunard Centre was Epic. Hell, Jack even wore a kilt.

Anyway after Halifax they went up to Sydney, Cape Breton and then off to St. John's Newfoundland. This time around, the secret was out and everybody in the seaside city knew where they would be, ready for the free show!

And sure as day, there was Meg and Jack taking the stage, the annticipation of the crowd is thick .......the quick nod to each other and rrrrraaar. ONE NOTE.

It went into the Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest concert ever however since then the book has no longer carried the shortest concert as a category. Quite the sub-story that you can read here if you like.

For now, Treat your self to this epic one note show!


Chris Foord