Venom and Tom Hardy rule the weekend box office!

Last week as I walked into to the Chinook theater to kick off the CJAY92 advance screening of Venom, I noticed Rotten Tomatoes had it at a 29% score.

That's not as bad a Cat Woman but worse than every other hero movie ever released! (gulp)

I was thinking that I was about to welcome all of you faithful listeners to a $#!@-storm of an awful flick.

The original runtime was also 2:20 and I was wondering if people would even stay for the whole film Haha 

As it turns out a lot of us liked the film and thought it was a fun watch, which going to the movies is all about anyways.

Sony obviously did a last minute edit after some early reviews and cut 28 minutes from the film.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Venom scored 80 million at the this past weekends box office which is a new record.

It beat out Ant-Man and the Wasp (75 million) , Captain America: The First Avenger (65 Million) and the Thor opening weekend too (65 million)

Tom Hardy's performance in this movie is noticeably the best part along with the obvious special effects.

Early word is that Sony will go ahead with a Venom sequel from the weekend box office success and Tom Hardy is contractually locked in for a second movie.

The post credits scene also hints at a future story involving another symbiote that Venom will have to deal with.