WATCH: A goose in Edmonton kicked this guy's ass!

I've always believed that you're not a real Canadian until you've been chased/harassed by a Canadian goose. I bet most of us have a little PTSD from a goose encounter, and for good reason! They're sassy birds!

This Edmonton man, who worked in law enforcement for 26 years, did a very kind thing by stopping traffic on a busy street to allow a family of geese to cross. However, one of the little guys was having trouble jumping the curb. The man thought he would help the gosling jump up to join the family....and the mama goose did NOT like that at all.




THANKFULLY, the little gosling managed to jump up on the curb and join it's family after the ass-kicking incident, and the man who helped had a great attitude about the whole thing. He told a news station that he's an animal lover and didn't want to see anything bad happen to the geese, although he acknowledges that he probably got a little too close and deserved what he got. However, he also said he wouldn't hesitate to do it again.


Love this guy!!!!