WATCH: Blink 182 Announces A Tour With Lil Wayne, By Playing A Mashup?

Not really sure what to say about this, because there's a lot to dislike here. But, here goes.

Blink 182 is going on tour this summer, and they're doing it alongside rapper Lil Wayne. To announce this foray, they elected to perform a live mashup, of their hit, "What's My Age Again?", and Weezy's, "A Milli".

It, uh, leaves a lot to be desired.

I mean, I guess it's a weird move, to put it lightly and nicely. And, it comes at a really weird point for the band's career. Mark Hoppus just turned 47. It's gotta be a little weird singing about being 23. Just not sure this was the right call. But, it'll probably sell some concert tickets, so I suppose you can't knock them for fidning something that'll (probably) work.