WATCH: Former Oiler Ryan Smyth Injured By A Dirty Beer League Hit

It's actually a little hard to watch. Former NHLer, Canadian Olympian, and all-around good guy Ryan Smyth is playing for the Stony Plain Eagles of the Chinook Hockey League, an Alberta men's senior AAA organization. Well, he WAS playing. Until this happened on the weekend: 

Here's a statement from Smytty:

And the team:

What makes this tough to stomach is a couple of things. First, it's the same reason a lot of guys shy away from recreational hockey. There's too many guys like Kyle Sheen, the one who laid this dirty hit. Second, it's that it happened to a guy like Smytty, one of those players that everyone loves, regardless of what team(s) you pull/pulled for. 

For more, here's a great piece from The Hockey News yesterday: