Watch Nightseeker's video for their new song Shotgun Beer!

FUBARs Dean Murdoch is releasing his bands first full length studio album on Friday April 20th through Royal Mountain Records.

The album is called 3069: A Space-Rock Sex Odyssey and new single Shotgun Beer dropped this week! 

Nightseeker is comprised of Roy Vucino, Ian Wilson, Guillaume Tremblay and Dean Murdoch.

Their Bio reads: Nightseeker, get's in yer f**kin HEAD. Fubar's Deaner and his band kicks f**kin ass, and gets wasted later. 

Album Bio reads: 3069: A Space-Rock Sex Odyssey, is as serious as witches at a coven… Even if the lyrics are about needing to impregnate the universal goodness with rock to insure the propagation of humankind.

Album Art:

The ultimate soundtrack for ‘giviner’ is finally here. The rock is hard, the metal is hot, and every riff is deadly."  - from Deaner himself.

The Band has a live date in Toronto and Montreal with apparently national tour dates to come.

Watch Nightseeker's new video for their song Shotgun Beer: