Watch the new Aquaman Trailer released at New York Comic Con!

A new 5 minute trailer for Aquaman was released to fans at this past weekends New York Comic Con.

The Warner Bros. DC origin story looks to be not as dark as its other DC hero movies with humour and colourful special effects.

The synopsis of the story has Arthur Curry (Aquaman) born from Atlantean Queen (Nicole Kidman) and a Lighthouse Keeper.

Much like the comics Aquaman goes on a quest to find the Trident of Neptune which will give him power of all the World's oceans and his rightful place on the throne while uniting the kingdoms of Atlantis.

You will also notice Jason Momoa (Aquaman) wearing the classic comic book scaled green and yellow suit.

Aquaman might have another DC hit on its hands like Wonder Woman when it hits theaters on December 21st 

Watch the new trailer: