WATCH: Vegas Went Full Vegas To Kick Off Their First Playoff Game

One of the big concerns that hockey purists had about the NHL heading to Las Vegas was that the whole thing might become too "Vegas". It's the same logic that keeps anyone from vacationing in Las Vegas for longer than three or four days at a time. At some point, Vegas just becomes too Vegas.

To their credit, while the in game pomp and circumstance was a bit silly during the regular season, the biggest Golden Knights story this year has been the on-ice product. An unreal season that absolutely no one predicted, and home ice advantage to open the playoffs.

And that's when Vegas went full Vegas.

But, to their credit, when it came time to stop the Cirque and drop the puck, the Golden Knights were ready to go. And the place went OFF when Shea Theodore opened the scoring with the eventual game winning goal.