Watch who UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier will fight next!

UFC 226 on Saturday night finished the event with the 5th fighter ever to be a two division Champ and the 2nd ever in 2 active weight classes. 

After Daniel Cormier defeated Stipe Miocic by knockout in the first round Brock Lesnar just "happened" to be at T-Mobile arena in Vegas.

UFC President Dana White obviously had that planned before the fight even started, but what he hadn't planned on was Daniel Cormier beating Stipe, he admitted that he didn't think Daniel would win the fight.

With Brock Lesnar delivering his classic Heel Promo it looks to be official that Lesnar will take on Daniel Cormier according to Dana White.

As of Sunday the USADA confirmed that Brock Lesnar has begun the process of getting back in the drug testing pool, but one can't forget he still has to serve his suspension from his previous violation which means the earliest he could fight would be late January.

So does this mean that Daniel Cormier vs Brock Lesnar is official?