We're Stuffing Our Studio...With Work Boots! Here's Why.

So last week, Jesse & I are sitting in the studio after the show, when I see this tweet:

Immediately, my partner in crime and I agreed; if there's a "work boot radio station" in Calgary, it's CJAY 92. So, we did the logical thing. We started stuffing the studio, with work boots.

This is where you come in. We need your boots! New, used, whatever. They don't even have to be steel toed. Our friends over at Calgary Dream Centre have a need, and dammit, we're gonna address it.

So, you can drop off said boots at 80 Patina Rise SW, where our CJAY studio is located, atop Broadcast Hill in SW Calgary. If you want to collect a bunch at your workplace, we'll be more than happy to come pick 'em up. Oh! And anywhere you find the CJAY 92 Rock Star Street Team. They'll take 'em too.

Thanks in advance, your help is appreciated, and your boots will go right to work, figuratively and literally. 

And, if you wanna get familiar with Calgary Dream Centre and what they do, here's a snapshot:

Now, let's stuff this studio!