WATCH: A Calgary Cyclist Nearly Gets Smoked By A Car On Anderson Road

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Here’s a Cyclist Nearly Getting Smoked On Anderson

Hooooo boy, we’re gonna start today’s blog off with a video that could very well frustrate the hell out of you. Behold, a cyclist nearly dying in the middle of Anderson Road the other day. Jesus, this shit makes me anxious. 

The Slayer Swimmer Gets A Beer Can

Did you hear the one about the Slayer fan who tried to swim his way into a Slayer show, and then wound up on a can of Budweiser for his efforts? This isn’t the setup for a joke, it’s a real thing that happened:

NHL Dogs Are A Thing Now, Apparently

And finally, strange offseason trend in hockey? Teams adopting official dogs:

And for the record, if the Flames are looking for a dog here in Calgary, they can share custody of my girl, Scully.