Make it another #1 for Garth Brooks!

Garth Brooks has done it again - he's sitting comfy with another #1 song, with "Ask Me How I Know!"

It marks the 20th chart-topper for Brooks - and his first #1 hit since his 2007 single "More Than a Memory."

I was chatting a bit about this, earlier this morning...Garth took the time to give kudos to the songwriter, Mitch Rossell!

Garth said in a press release, "I'm so proud of the Pearl Records team for working so hard for this No. 1...Congrats to Mitch Rossell on his first happy for you, pal!" 

That's what I've always loved about Brooks...he knows how to keep it humble, and give credit where it's very much due!

You can find the link to the full article below.