World Radio Day

It's a very proud day for us here at 890 CJDC - it's World Radio Day! 

This year's theme is Great Moments in Radio - and as I was thinking about it throughout the morning...there's been a lot of "great" moments for me during my radio career. 

One that always sticks out, is from my time working at a station in northern Manitoba - we had a three-day blizzard in March, and when all was said and told we had 80 centimetres of snowfall. It was miserable! 

Being the morning guy at the radio station, I was still responsible for getting into work those wasn't pleasant, especially on the third day when the snow was almost waist-deep...but looking back on it now, I'd say it was definitely worth it! It made me realize that in a emergency like a huge blizzard, radio is one of the most important ways to communicate information and keep people in the loop as to what was going on...especially since the city I was in was shut down for more than a week, trying to dig out from all that snow. 

So no matter how or when you listen...thank you so much for listening to the radio! Happy World Radio Day!