What’s Christmas without a little magic, a little excitement, and a little Festivus montage?!

CJFW has all three with our Christmas Festivus Montage Contest. Listen for the audio montage played between 6 – 10 weekday mornings on Mike in the Morning. When you hear it, call 1-866-811 WILD (1 866-811-9453) and be caller NINE. You'll be entered for a chance to win the Christmas Festivus Montage Grand Prize: a $75 gift card from each of our sponsors! A prize sure to kick your holiday shopping into high gear this season.

The Grand Prize draw is December 21st and the winner will be announced on Mike in the Morning. Sponsored by Cook’s Jewellers, Creative Zone, Dolly’s Fish Market, Rupert Square Mall, and Today's Best Country CJFW. Good luck!

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