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  • TGIFriday - May 18, 2018

    Cole, Marek, and Michelle try the Roller Derby Challenge.

  • TGIFriday - May 11, 2018

    Cole & Britt try out some of the most disgusting sodas they could find.

  • TGIFriday - April 27, 2018

    Cole takes the helium challenge (on his own) and sings the Top 5 EZ Rock songs.

  • TGIFriday - April 13, 2018

    Cole and Marek try the Slush Cup 2018 Challenge.

  • TGIFriday - April 6, 2018

    Cole & Britt do a Whisper Challenge

  • TGIFriday - March 30, 2018

    TGI Good Friday Challenge! This week Britt and Cole get artsy for Easter! We painted eggs in excitement for the big day! And I don’t think we did that badly!

  • TGIFriday - March 23, 2018

    Cole, Britt, and CFTK-TV's Marek take the Archery Challenge They may not be Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen but they did alright in this weeks Archery Challenge. They went arrow to arrow to see who the best archer was. A huge thank you to the Eagle Eye Archers Prince Rupert

  • TGIFriday - March 16, 2018

    Cole & Britt take the cricket challenge. They tried a new protein filled treat and even offered some up to the rest of the office.

  • TGIFriday - March 9, 2018

    This week the team stretches it out for the win in a bout of flexibility. Are Cole and Tona able to get flexible for this weeks episode or is it an easy win for Britt? Watch to find out! And after the challenge Tona shares big news on what's to come.

  • TGIFriday - March 2, 2018

    After a short unplanned hiatus, we unveil a new member of our team and take a swing at our version of the spelling bee competition.

  • TGIFriday - Feb. 9, 2018

    Huge challenge this week! The boys joined the Terrace Professional Firefighters Local 2685 for their annual fitness test and it had the boys shook. Luckily they weren't competing against the real firefighters, just each other. Did Cole's fitness training regimen he posted earlier in the week help him take the victory or did Tona swoop in to steal the win? Watch to find out!

  • TGIFriday - Feb. 2, 2018

    Double Challenge - Pickles, and Juicy Fruit Gum. Tona and Cole try to eat a whole jar of pickles and then stuff as much gum into their faces as they can.


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