The temporary 30 metre ban for boaters along the Detroit River shoreline has been extended for another month.

Windsor Port Authority Harbour Master Peter Berry says the ban will continue for another 30 days because the water levels remain high and overland flooding continues to be a risk.

"30 days has brought up some relief but not enough relief for us to remove this ban," says Berry.

The Port Authority, along with the City of Windsor, implemented the ban in July in an effort to lessen the shoreline damage caused by waves from motorized vessels.

Berry says the ban so far has been very successful, with nearly all boaters complying with rules being enforced by the Windsor Police Marine Unit.

But Berry tells CTV News the education period is over and authorities are prepared to lay charges.

"Whether they're large craft or small craft right down to a jet ski, if those people are found in violation again they will be charged," says Berry.

Boaters who fail to comply could be fined a maximum of $5,000, while corporations such as tour boats could face even larger fines of up to $50,000.

While some hoped water levels would drop in August, Berry says that is not the case and he predicts the issue will remain for the rest of the summer and event into the fall.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority has extended its flood watch for another month, and officials say the threat of flooding will remain well into the fall due to record high water levels.