5 things to know for Monday, March 4, 2019

One in four Canadians say the SNC-Lavalin scandal will influence their vote in the next federal election -- and the political fallout appears to be growing, according to a new Nanos survey. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Federal election: A new report suggests that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is losing public trust after 26 per cent of Canadians said they consider the SNC-Lavalin case a voting concern.

2. Winter storm: A tornado in Alabama killed at least 23 people and injured several others as a storm system unleashed other tornadoes across the U.S. Southeast.

3. Child brides: Experts say the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is so severe that girls as young as three years old are being married off by families desperate for one less mouth to feed.

4. Elly Mayday: A trailblazing Saskatchewan-born model and body positivity advocate, who documented a long struggle with ovarian cancer on social media, has died from the disease.

5. Trash cans: Some garbage cans in a Montreal neighbourhood are now outfitted with a metal shelf to provide easier access to refundable bottles and cans for those who collect and redeem them for the deposit money.

One more thing…

Giant spider: In a world first, researchers from the University of Michigan have found evidence of tarantulas preying on opossums, in a video they jokingly describe as the "stuff of nightmares."