5 things to know for Tuesday, February 5, 2019

It wasn't until serial killer Bruce McArthur targeted Andrew Kinsman in June 2017 that police caught onto him -- and even then it took the combination of surveillance video and a one-word calendar entry to do so. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Sentencing hearing: Friends and family of McArthur's eight victims are expected to continue reading their victim impact statements on Tuesday after prosecutors provided previously unheard details of the killings.

2. Yazidi genocide: Former ISIS sex slaves, who were given sanctuary in Canada, are again living in fear after being bombarded by voicemails and texts threatening rape and murder.

3. Parody video: The Conservative Party of Canada has -- for the second time in 24 hours -- pulled and then reposted a modified version of their attack ad that spoofs the iconic Heritage Minutes.

4. Actor obituary: Kristoff St. John, who played the struggling alcoholic and ladies' man Neil Winters for 27 years on popular soap opera "Young and the Restless," has died at age 52.

5. Ocean colours: Seaside vacation spots may look different by the end of the century as a new study suggests that climate change causes the blues and greens of the oceans to become more vibrant.

One more thing…

Burger fraud: An Ontario woman who was charged nearly $100 of McDonald's meals at a Quebec location she has never visited believes her My McD's app was hacked.