Toufik Benhamiche has been stuck in Cuba for more than year as he awaits his second trial after being involving in a boating accident in which a woman died.

Quebec tourist Toufik Benhamiche is back home after a long legal ordeal in a Cuba finally ended.

Benhamiche was released by Cuba's highest court and allowed to leave the country. 

His lawyer Julius Grey said, in the end, the Canadian embassy got involved in addition to the groundswell of letter-writing and public outcry over the Mascouche man's detention in the country.

"The case sort of broke last week when it became evident they would give him the visa," said Grey. "They told him he could go, and he bought a ticket and left."

Grey said he continued writing to Ottawa to put pressure on the Cuban government to let his client leave.

"I think in the end, the Cuba had no real interest in keeping him," said Grey. "It was becoming a bother and it was a logical decision for them to let him go to Canada."

Benhamiche was driving a boat in Cayo Coco that veered out of control in July 2017 and killed an Ontario woman. Benhamiche was unable to return to his home despite being released from custody after his conviction for negligence causing death and four-year prison sentence were overturned.

In a second trial in Dec., Benhamiche was convicted and given the four-year suspended sentence again, which he was serving in the community because he had the option to appeal the decision.

"The trials were rather farsical," said Grey. "They lasted three or four hours each for something so serious. There were no expertises. It was all rather cavalier."

He was not permitted to leave the country and return to his home in Mascouche until this week. 

Grey said his client is ready to restart his life and put the whole ordeal is behind him.

"He's feeling very much relieved," said Grey. "He's with his family and he's going to start his life again. It was a terrible experience. It's perfectly obvious that he did nothing wrong