Tamara Berthiaume says her 12-year-old black lab Shadow is on the mend after a scary scene at the corner of Elliott and Goyeau in Windsor on April 26.

She says her dog was attacked by a dog on the loose.

Berthiaume says that dog’s jaws locked around Shadow’s ear.

People nearby rushed to the scene before police were called. Shadow was taken to the downtown veterinary clinic.

"They were talking to Shadow. They were making sure that he was totally coherent and I just stood there and cried,"  Berthiaume says.

"And on Monday it was worse on me because we had to bring him back on Monday and my sister had to sit with him because I couldn't handle it. He was screaming just hysterically."

Just hours after Shadow’s incident, Joe McParland’s greyhound Vici suffered an even more brutal attack.

Vici died last Wednesday of a heart attack while recovering from injuries.

McParland is suing the city, arguing city enforcement didn't take appropriate action following the attack on Shadow.

“I don't want to see the dog destroyed. I want the dog re-homed with somebody who's responsible, a good custodian for this dog," he says.

Berthiaume is in full support of the legal action and hopes it leads to answers.

For now, she's just counting herself lucky Shadow is still walking alongside her.