The City's Auditor General has raised concerns after investigating several new audit reports.

Among the investigations is Ottawa's emergency shelter program. In the report, the Auditor found there was no competitive bidding process.

"Managers must look at alternatives to make sure they're delivering the program as efficiently as possible." said Hughes.

The City will be launching a competitive contract process this month for shelter space at hotels and motels. 

The report also found 219 families stayed in motels and hotels in 2018, that number up from 181 in 2017, and up more than double from 92 in 2016.

The Auditor found the city played $9.3 million dollars in 2018, with units costing about $3000 dollars per month, per family. Nearly 41% of that, $3.8 million dollars went to one hotel.

Another case found $1360 dollars was stolen from a safe at the Meridien Theatre at Centrepointe in November. Management was told in June 2018 to move the safe to an area under video surveillance, but it was never moved. 

"There is no reason it wasn't done," said Chair of the Audit Committee, Jean Cloutier.

"That's discouraging."

The Auditor General says four employees had access to the safe, but it was not locked, it could have been anyone.

Ottawa Police were called but closed the case, after failing to identify the perpetrator. 

The report also found the Fraud and Waste Hotline was a success. It saw 190 reports to the hotline in 2018, 57 per cent of those from the public and 43 per cent from staff.

The investigations resulted in four employees fired and two resigning. Two employees were terminated for smoking weed in a city vehicle, before marijuana was made legal.