Police and the BC Coroners Service are investigating after a body was found steps away from a children’s play area in Victoria Tuesday morning.

At about 7 a.m. Tuesday police were notified by a passerby that a man was lying in the park near Crystal Pool and they were not sure if he was asleep or not.

"A fella had come across him and had come to the police station and asked for help," said Victoria Police Act. Sgt. Jenny Lequesne. "By the time police had got there paramedics were on scene and had announced the male was deceased."

Police report the man had died of what they're calling natural causes, saying the man suffered a medical issue.

"We've done our investigation and it appears this is nothing suspicious," said Lequesne.

Staff at Crystal Pool worked with police to keep the area clear and create a "safe space" as children arrived for summer day camps.

Police could be seen picking up empty beer cans and other personal effects including a backpack.

"There were multiple items strewn about this fellow," said Lequesne. "Once we had completed our investigation we just wanted to make sure all of the items were picked up and nothing was left behind."

Police say they don't know who the man is yet but he appears to be older.

"If something doesn’t feel right give us a call," said Lequesne. "In this case the gentleman said he just couldn't tell if he was asleep or not so he let us know and we came by."

The body was removed from the park just before 9 a.m. Police tell CTV News there is no need for the public to be concerned and the death is not considered suspicious.