The London Abused Women’s Centre's (LAWC) digital campaign to reduce sex trafficking has reached 10, 500, 000 people since January, the organization says.

The organization believes the award-winning digital advertising campaign, that targeted sex purchasers and sex trafficked women and girls, has been an overwhelming success.

In its 16 week run the campaign garnered 10.5 million impressions, 65,000 ad clicks and 187 direct phone calls from advertising.

The campaign, which ran from January 18 to May 18, used Google, Facebook, Instagram and programmatic advertising.

“Women and girls are being lured by pimps into the violent and dangerous sex trade from high schools, universities, colleges, bars and their workplaces,” said Megan Walker, executive director of the LAWC in a statement.

“Two-thirds of all trafficking in Canada originates in Ontario. Women and girls need to know they are not alone and there are woman-centred services available to help them exit. And men who choose to purchase sexual services need to understand that it is their demand for prostitution that fuels sex trafficking.”

The Choices Program, run through the LAWC and its partners has provided immediate access to help more than 2,400 trafficked women and girls since 2015, according to the release.