Century old trees saved from axe

<p> Two century-old maple trees in Old Ottawa East have been saved from the chopping block.</p> <p> The trees are located on the northern edge of Regional Group’s new Greystone Village development.</p> <p> The developer initially promised to save the trees, but then expressed concerns in July that the trees wouldn’t survive the construction. It applied to the city for a permit to cut the two trees down.</p> <p> Residents of Old Ottawa East rallied to save the two trees. Richard Deadman and his family say the two towering maple trees over his property provide shade and privacy.</p> <p> On Wednesday, Mayor Jim Watson tweeted he had directed staff not to issue any permits to chop down the trees. Watson added “the developer will have to find a way to keep the trees and live up to their original promise to the community.&quot;</p>