A hotel clerk was forcefully restrained, dragged into an office and injured in a shocking robbery Thursday morning.

Saanich police have released video of the brazen robbery at the Howard Johnson Hotel and Suites on Elk Lake Drive.

The video shows two masked men dressed in black rush into the hotel lobby at around 4 a.m.

The suspects are described as white men in their 20s, one approximately five feet nine inches tall and the other slightly taller.

Once inside, the suspects storm the front desk.

One of the masked men jumps, clearing the desk in a single leap.

He wraps his arm around the clerk's neck and covers the clerk's mouth with his other free hand.

A terrified look quickly comes over the worker's face. The video ends with the clerk being dragged into a nearby office. 

Saanich investigators say a large amount of cash was stolen before the robbers made their escape. The clerk was left injured and restrained. 

"We're holding back the specific methods used," said Det.-Sgt. Damian Kowalewich.

Officers say a hotel guest eventually heard the clerk's calls for help and freed him from his restraints.

"He's obviously upset," said Kowalewich. "He suffered some injuries throughout the event. He's back in the community, which is a good thing."

Investigators are asking anyone who might recognize something from the video to come forward and call their information line at 250-475-4356.

"We haven't been able to identify these two individuals responsible for this robbery and possibly othes that could have been responsible or associated with it." Kowalewich said.

"I would describe this as quite brazen and very violent," he added. "It certainly appears that the two suspects had pre-planned this event."