Windsor's harbour master was keeping an eye on the Detroit River on the weekend where a powerboat event was held and residents worried about continued shoreline erosion.

Peter Berry raised concerns on Friday about Saturday's event that saw 50 powerboats speed across the river from Belle Isle to the Ambassador Bridge.

But the event – dubbed Skaterfest – went ahead as planned, with boats topping speeds of 150 kilometres an hour. Organizers could not be reached for comment.

A number of residents had called the Windsor Port Authority with concerns about the boats, and the motorized watercraft ban 30 metres from the shore.

Berry told AM800 News the boaters endangered several fishing and recreational vessels.

"Police officers on board said they were frightened themselves to see the number of rooster tails (wakes) coming from these boats as they came at them full speed," said Berry. "At no time did they see anybody take the opportunity to slow ... down."

According to Berry, one boater was ticketed for unsafe operation after a speedboat overheated and broke down.

Berry plans to meet with the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure they're prepared next time there are unsanctioned events on the Detroit River.