Crowded battle for Orl\u00E9ans; Record number of candidates put name forward

It is a crowded race to be municipal councilor in Orléans Ward.

A record number of 17 candidates registered to put their name forward.

All are running on different platforms with different priorities.

Diego Elizondo says “When i decided to run there were only 8 candidates registered to run and when I turned around... that number had doubled!”

Current Councilor Bob Monette is retiring. He held the seat since 2006 and in 2014 won the election with about 75%of the vote.

Many candidates say they would not have run, if the incumbent went for re-election.

Including Shannon Kramer, “I would not have run if he was running again. Only because he was so high in the polls and a huge part of municipal elections is about name recognition and it is hard to beat a popular candidate. “

Catherine Kitts say it as an opportunity. Kitts says, “I think a lot of people saw it as an doors open and an opportunity, I think a lot of young people are running in this ward now- that was one of my personal motivations.”

The winner could win by less than 1000 votes, in a ward representing 50-thousand people.

There are mixed feeling about what this could mean for voter turnout.

Miranda Gray says “Ii am Concerned that people won't come out. Because they find the burden of finding out who to vote for overwhelming.”

Jarrod Goldsmith says, “I think it is an asset! With so many people running there are more chances of all of us going around and knocking on doors and hopefully we will see more voter turnout.”

With less than three weeks to go in the race, there is no front runner. Matthew Luloff says the only thing candidate can do is keep campaigning, “As long as you are knocking on doors and putting the work in and talking to people that's what I am concentrating on now

Voters head to the polls on Oct. 22 2018.

You can find out more about all the candidates in all riding here