It stood the test of time and the elements, but the iconic twisted tree along the Dallas Road Waterfront has been removed to make way for sewer pipes and a bike pathway.

The windswept horse chestnut tree near the Harrison Yacht Pond was cut down sometime this week with only a stump remaining Friday.

The tree was slated for removal because it was one of two tree in conflict with a planned bike pathway along Dallas Road.

The city said it was forced to choose between the tree, which was declining in health, and a larger, healthier elm tree across the street.

In the end, the horse chestnut tree was chosen to be cut down.

Former Victoria city councillor Pam Madoff said the tree was "well-established" in the 1920s and has been a landmark ever since.

One the CRD force main and bike path project is complete, city staff says 90 new trees will be planted along the waterfront.