You might not be familiar with this musician's voice, but you have likely heard many of his songs.

"I Will Always Love You", by Whitney Houston, "Because You Loved" me by Celine Dion and "The Prayer" by Andrea Bocelli are just three of 85 hit songs written or produced by David Foster.

He says even though he's not a rocker, he knows how to get the crowd going at his live shows.

"I sort of have to inspire them by these big songs like “I have Nothing”, Whitney and Celine. These big songs that have the money notes," says Foster. “People go 'Wow' then I have these great singers to deliver them."

In fact, the 15-time Grammy Award winner is known as "The Hit Man."

"I'm already not starting at zero because I'm doing songs that people know and I have great singers to sing them," says Foster. "And then even when I sing the songs at the piano, the songs are a bit bullet proof."

And the question he says fans ask the most 'What is his favourite song?'

"It's a song I wrote with Boz Scaggs in the movie "Urban Cowboy" and it's called "Love Look What You've Done to Me," says Foster.

But you won't hear it at most of his his concerts.

The 69-year-old is bringing the Hit Man Tour back to Canada, with a stop at Caesars Windsor on Sunday. He's got some new things planned for this time around.

"I've got some new videos, I've got new stories,” says Foster. “We always love to go to the audience and get people to sing."

Foster says he tries to read the audience and go in the direction they want him to go.

The B.C. native also says he enjoys making Canadian references in his shows at home.

"I can reference things like Rick Hanson the wheelchair athlete, I can reference 'Tears are Not Enough' that I wrote with Bryan Adams, the song I did with Gordon Lightfoot, the song I did with Anne Murray."

Foster says he knew he was going to be in the music industry since he was 12 years old.

"I don't remember ever asking anyone ‘how can I make it in the music business?’ It's not a question you ask. It's like Nike, you just do it."

Even though the industry has changed over the years, one thing has remained.

"The song rings the same. You still have to have a great song."

Foster has collected many other awards over the years, including the 2019 Humanitarian Award at the Junos for his charity the David Foster Foundation, which provides financial support for Canadian families with children in need of organ transplants.