Ed Laverty, Hall of Famer honoured this weekend

A special day for many as a plaque ceremony was held on Sunday in memory of an Ottawa legend. Two sports fields on Paul Anka Drive are now renamed, the "Ed Laverty Fields" at McCarthy Park.

Friends and family gathered to witness the plaque unveiling for the former Sports Hall of Famer. Laverty ran and starred in Ottawa's football league for decades. A perfect tribute says Tammy Laverty Hall,

"It means everything to us. Losing my father -- has been very difficult. He left such an incredible legacy and to have a timeless tribute like this where his name will carry on for generations. Really, you know, it solidifies all of the work over 50 years that he did building community in sports."

Laverty passed away in November, 2017. A special fund has been set up in his name and will go toward youth involved in sport.