Essex-Windsor EMS wants the provincial government to reconsider its spending plans.

Chief Bruce Krauter told Essex County Council on Wednesday that they are facing a budget shortfall of more than $2 million.

“They froze our allotment at the 2018/2019 year. So, we are $2.3 million short on this year's budget,” said Krauter.

Almost six-months into this year, Krauter said they now have to closely watch spending, telling CTV News any capital projects that have been started will need to be shelved.

The chief also said they are exploring all aspects of getting funding to make up the more than $2 million loss.

“The allocation shortfall, the 2.3 million was basically because of the paramedic enhancements and those enhancements were put in place because, one, we are legislated to have response times that meet the standard and we are also legislated for performance standards,” said Krauter. “So the province put in the legislative requirements but then they're not paying us for those.”

County council, for its part, will send a letter to the province requesting reconsideration.