A father has been charged with abducting his four-year-old daughter after failing to return her to Victoria, according to police.

In a press conference with the girl's mother on Thursday, police said Brent Erskine took his daughter Samantha to Vancouver on June 30 for what was supposed to be a seven-day vacation.

Before the girl was supposed to be returned on July 7, Erskine's communicatoin with his former partner changed, police said.

"She became concerned and it was then reported to police," said Const. Matt Rutherford.

Police said he travelled with his daughter to Jakarta, Indonesia and has since been dropped off with maternal family members, where she's safe.

They said he has since travelled to Singapore to obtain a visa and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Erskine is charged with abduction and disobeying a court order. He's wanted on two unendorsed arrest warrants and his current location is unknown.

"Today we're urging Brent to seek out a Canadian embassy to turn himself in," said Rutherford.

Samantha's mother, Agustina Wulandari, was emotional as she spoke to media about the ordeal.

"I remember the last time I spoke with her it was two days ago. She was crying and saying 'I want mommy,'" she said.

She said while her daughter is safe with her grandparents, she has autism and requires special care.

"She misses me and I miss her so much. I really want to hug her," she said, breaking down into tears.

Victoria Police Department has been in touch with international policing partners and Global Affairs Canada to find Erskine and get Samantha returned to Victoria, Rutherford said.

He said the girl was not out of danger yet because her father still has a warrant out for his arrest and has not been located.

WANTED | Brent Erskine is wanted after allegedly abducting 4 year-old Samantha Wulandari. She is currently in Indonesia. Brent's whereabouts are unknown. Our officers are working to locate Brent & bring Samantha home safely. |#yyj | #F1929955 More info: https://t.co/F9fPYleWFD pic.twitter.com/wfUrSAfyIl

— Victoria Police (@vicpdcanada) August 1, 2019