Live music and chrome and steel came together in perfect harmony Saturday.

Rock's Rally Music and Motorcycle Festival hit south London to raise funds for the Forest City London Music Hall of Fame.

“It’s nothing like seeing a motorcycle go down the highway and you feel the music cranked on it,” says Scott Bollert, the festival organizer.

Bike and music enthusiasts took in the annual festival at Rocky's Harley Davidson on Wilton Grove Road.

The event featured seven local bands.

“We got a little bit of country, little bit of rock, little bit of mixture of everything just to make everybody happy,” Bollert says.

The motorcycles and music event comes at a time when the hall of fame could use a little help.

It's recently been the target of vandals.

The heritage building that houses the hall on Dundas Street has been hit by thieves - apparently after copper wire and brass - over the past few months.

The wire has been ripped out of the facade and there’s also been a recent broken window.

Bollert says it’s too bad a heritage building has now been damaged. “It's really unfortunate that people would want to do that....”