As political parties in communities across the nation prepare for the upcoming federal election, the Windsor-Essex People’s Party of Canada has nominated a full slate of candidates.

Bill Capes will carry the newly-formed party’s torch in Essex. Dan Burr is the party nominee in the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh. Darryl Burrell will run against long-time New Democrat MP Brian Masse in Windsor-West and John Paul Balagtas will be looking for a seat in Chatham-Kent Leamington.

“The People’s Party of Canada is proud to have nominated a full slate of candidates across the region,” says Mason Leschyna, the president of the Essex People’s Party of Canada Association.

According to the party, each of these candidates is from the region and all are running for a federal seat for the first time.

Some of the party’s main platforms include decentralizing and shrinking government, unleashing Canada’s economic potential by removing inter-provincial trade barriers, scrapping the federal carbon tax and making adjustments to equalization payments. Party leader Maxime Bernier also plans to lower the corporate tax rate from 15 per cent to 10 per cent and end all forms of corporate welfare.

Bernier has also detailed his plans for updated immigration, foreign and gun policies.

“Our platform does not need selling: when people hear our message, it resonates with them,” says Leschyna.

Across the country, the party has nominated more than 300 candidates and has 41,000 members. Bernier, who was a front-runner against current Conservative leader Andrew Sheer in the most recent leadership race, promises to make a campaign stop in Windsor-Essex.

“We are starting a quiet, common sense revolution,” says Bernier.