FILE: Flooding in Ste. Marthe (Photo by Karine Descoteaux/Facebook)

The federal government announced it was investing $49 million to help prevent flooding in the Lower Laurentians Friday.

Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Francois-Philippe Champagne announced in Deux-Montanges that the money is urgent.

"Last spring's floods had devastating consequences for many residents of municipalities in the area," said Champagne. "I am wholeheartedly behind those affected by these events and still feeling the unfortunate consequences. It is therefore essential to invest now, so we can be prepared in advance."

Parts of the region saw intense flooding in the spring, as it did two years ago, and one community that was hit particularly hard was Ste. Marthe sur le Lac.

"This is about the health and safety of people," said Champagne.

The municipality just west of Deux-Montanges was hit hard because a dike broke and almost 60 homes were completely demolished.

To attempt to stop this from happening again, Canada is investing money to rebuild the five-kilometre dike to 26.5 metres.

The money will also go toward similar projects in Deux Montanges and Rivieres des Mile Iles.

Ste. Marthe mayor Sonia Paulus said 40 per cent of the funding will now come from Canada with 40 per cent coming from the province and 20 per cent from the city.

"When I heard this reassuring excellent news, I immediately thought of the victims of last April 27," said Paulus. "I know the degree to which so many among them are attached to their communities and want to stay there."

The funding is estimated to benefit over 30,000 people.

Taxes in each household will rise by $50.