Gatineau BBQ fire caused by propane leak

<p> Gatineau Fire says a BBQ fire was caused by a propane leak.</p> <p> Crews were called to 244 Jeannine Gr&eacute;goire Ross St. just after 6 o’clock Thursday.</p> <p> “There were many 911 calls because people could see the fire from the roof line,” says Gary Barnes the division chief of operations for the&nbsp;Gatineau Fire.</p> <p> An occupant of the house was cooking when the fire started but the blaze was not caused by the food on the grill. </p> <p> Barnes says, “I understand is there was a change of propane during the cooking process and our investigators are looking at if it was mechanical or not, if it was the bottle or hardware on the BBQ, but there was obviously a leak.”</p> <p> The fire spread quickly to the house, roof and attic. Barnes says this is a harsh reminder about being safe when you BBQ. This is also not the first BBQ call this summer says Barnes. “I wouldn’t say once a week- but it is an often occurrence.”</p> <p> Four people are displaced. The damage is estimated at over $90,000.</p> <p> Officials suggest doing the soap test to see if you have any leaks in your propane tank. To do this, you mix soap and water together and brush it on the BBQ’s joints and valves. If bubbles start to form, that indicates there is a leak. Do not continue to cook until it is fixed.</p>