A group of Quebecers found that luck was on their side on Friday, as they found themselves winning a $50 million Lotto Max draw.

According to a statement from Loto-Quebec, the winning ticket was sold in the province, though no details on exactly where it was sold were made available.

However, on his Twitter account Loto-Quebec spokesperson Patrice Lavoie indicated the winning ticket was sold in Brossard to a group of 20 people.

Le billet gagnant de 50 M$ au Lotto Max a été vendu sur la rive-sud de Montréal (Brossard). C’est un billet en formule groupe de 20 parts. On ne sait pas si ce sont des gens qui se connaissent. Qui sont les 20 familles qui remportent 2,5 M$ ? ��������
Félicitations à #nosgagnants pic.twitter.com/PFLSKtw4Na

— Patrice Lavoie (@PatriceLavoie) May 4, 2019

“We don’t know if all these people know each other,” he said.

No winners for the million-dollar Maxmillions draw was announced.

Since the launch of the Lotto Max draw four jackpots of $60 million have been won in Quebec. The last was in June, 2018 when a group of 10 people from Drummondville split the jackpot.

About 20 per cent of Lotto Max tickets are sold in Quebec, half as much as in Ontario.

Next Friday’s Lotto Max draw will feature a jackpot of $12 million.