After nearly 90 years in business the Rideau Bakery is closing.

The Kardish family says it has been tough to maintain the bakery financially, but made the decision this week to close after Louis Kardish received a difficult diagnosis.

“Once I got the diagnosis of my condition it was very easy (to make the decision to close). Up to that, it was unthinkable,” says Louis Kardish.

The Rideau Bakery has been a family business since 1930 in Ottawa. The recipes date back generations to Louis’ grandmother in the Ukraine.

The bakery opened a second location in December of 1970 on Bank Street.  

“It was a way of life. It was meeting place,” says Kardish.

Sunday, loyal customer Michael Kostiuk learned the bakery was closing. He says this is a huge loss for the community. “As a kid I used to buy Rideau bakery rye bread.”

He says the bread was used in many Ukrainian meals. Kostiuk says, “The bakery made a wonderful rye bread and we had it as part of our celebrations. This will affect the Ukrainian community and the Jewish community.”

Sunday also marks Louis Karidish’s 23rd wedding anniversary with his wife Muriel. The bakery has been part of their lives; it even made their wedding cake. Louis and Muriel have a 20-year-old daughter named Rachel.

Breads or sandwiches, or whatever the bakery could produce... We hope (customers) remember those good times as much as we do,” says Muriel Kardish.

It is still unclear what will happen to the space.

The Kardish family looks forward to focusing on their family and health.